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When it comes to travel, it is no surprise to say that China is one of the greatest destinations to visit. The country has a lot to show for people looking for scenery. With its rice terraces, national parks and historical places, China also has different experiences to offer: its booming cities. Give a try to Shenzhen and immerse yourself in this new part of China.

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Neighbor of Hong Kong, Shenzhen was appointed China’s first Special Economic Zone in 1978. As a former fisher village, the city has known a soaring development for the last 40 years with a 20% of economic growth in average. It is now home to many of the world’s largest and most innovative Hi-Tech companies (Tencent, ZTE, Huawei, DJI…) and has become the tech manufacturing capita.

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Located in a former factory district, OCT Loft is host to numerous art galleries, bookstores, quirky coffee shops and live music venues. With its contemporary Art Terminal alone covering 3000 square meters, the museum offers exhibits of international and local contemporary Chinese artists. Spend at least one afternoon to explore this curious and vibrant corner of Shenzhen.

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Shenzhen has a lot to offer when talking about shopping mall. Of these, Luohu might well be its most popular. At the border of Hong Kong, this living area houses an overrated (fake) market. Stores of shopping insanity, with corridors of stalls selling handbags, wigs, knick-knacks, and tailor-made suit services. While there, why not trying a relaxing and inexpensive massage, a customary for travelers visiting Luohu.