Covid-19 information

Important Q&A about AVI travel insurance in the Covid-19 context

Dear Partners,

As we are all aware, the Covid-19 is having many implications in global travel. It is always AVI’s position to keep our partners and their members well informed about the latest events that might affect their participant’s travel.

In this aim, we present below 5 simple answers to the most frequent questions we receive. The situation being complex and evolving fast, we will continue to inform you in the future should it become necessary.


Updated on 2020/3/13

Yes, the premium will be reimbursed to the traveler if the trip is canceled by the travel agent once AVI has received the accurate documentation.

In case of trip modification, he/she can also change his/her coverage dates or destination, but it is mandatory to inform AVI of the situation before the date of the beginning of coverage.

Yes, the traveler will be able to extend his/her travel insurance and benefit from AVI complete coverage that includes both medical insurance and repatriation assistance.

The traveler should contact AVI Assistance. A claim will be opened, and the medical expenses taken care of. The necessity of a repatriation will be evaluated by AVI Assistance.

The World Health Organization recommendations must be followed.

If the local authorities refuse to the traveler the access to the destination, AVI shall not be liable for any costs incurred by this situation.

If the traveler booked his/her trip before the destination became a contaminated area, all assistance and insurance benefits will apply.

If the insurance has been bought after the area has been declared contaminated, the traveler will be covered only for medical expenses.


The costs for the extension of stay (hotel, meals, etc.) and the compassionate visit of a family member in case of hospitalization will depend on the local authorities and the protocols established in the country of stay. The traveler must contact the local authorities for assistance.