Our Markets

Five main sectors

Long or short-term study programs, AVI International has been a staple for several generations of students and institutions such as agentsschoolsof International Students abroad. AVI International is committed to always offer a high level of quality insurance and international protections with high levels of benefits and services.

International working

Working Holidays Visa (WHV)
Business trip

Leisure travel

We offer leisure travel insurance plan with comprehensive coverage.

Overseas Education

Including short or long term overseas education plan


Banks and financial institutions provide our travel insurance to their customers.


Planning to move abroad ? We provide special insurance products for you.

Dedicated B2B online platform

Manage enrollment and claims reports through your own platform. Easy to use, full ownership and we are always here to help.

Easy registration process

AVI’s enrollment tool is simple to use and provides secure file exchange functionalities or API integration on your own web portal.

With this tool, we provide automatic sending of insurance documents including the certificate, and the insurance cards to the insured people.

Functional dashboard

Provides 24/7 access to your invoices, fee schedule and claim forms with ease.

Access anytime

Upload any additional information anytime and follow up with your traveler’s status easily.

Customized settings

A co-branded platform can be customized according to your requirements and needs for insurance with different options.